JANUARY 10th, 2019


Investment $25 cash

Many on a path feel they are cursed by being too sensitive. 

Learning to be in an energetic dynamic where it is a gift, can change our life experience. Being sensitive can transform you into an empowered being shining your light or remaining in a fragile shell of anxiety.

Join Andrew from Energy Awaken as he shares his story of transformation using exercises, meditations and energy to help shift your vibration into being a shining light.

JANUARY 12th, 2019

KIRTAN – 7:30 – 9PM

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Join Leah Fae on Harmonium and Richard Bryant on Guitar for a musical meditation.

Kirtan, a form of Bhakti yoga – often referred to as the yoga of devotion. The root of Bhakti is bhaj- to share or to love. With the repetition of sound one is able to lose themselves in the rhythm and the melody, allowing a new vibration to wash through the psyche.

It’s a beautiful thing to let go of self-consciousness of singing with people – some of whom you may have never met – and allow your voice to blend with the group. The ancient chants contain powerful renewing and transformative energy that helps us reconnect with the Divinity that resides within.

JANUARY 22nd, 2019

CONNECTING TO YOUR ANGELS – Allowing Help from Above  7-9PM

Join Andrew from Energy Awaken for time in sacred space working with Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael and your Angel. Through meditation and held group intention we will call upon and share of this energy.

During this workshop we will invoke Angel energy and ask then to step just as closer or closer than they ever have before.

Investment: $25 Cash

JANUARY 22nd, 2019
Energy Awaken is a new energetic modality. Where something like Reiki is soft, feminine, gentle and healing; Energy Awaken is more active, masculine, tingly and transformative. It works by activating or igniting your Earth connection mechanism. Our bodies emanate energetic fields that can be engaged, connected and ignited for a deeper, wider Earth connection. This allows more capacity of ki, chi or prana, all of which are names for the creative life force energy that flows through us. This work is not for the faint of heart. More life force energy can dramatically put one on a more authentic path having us face and embrace every aspect of our lives.
Energy Awaken is for those who are ready for transformation, change and going within to new levels.
Andrew will often lead your session with a short meditation to put you in an energetically receptive state. You will then lie on a massage table listening to music in a softly lit room. Energy Awaken sessions are done with virtually no touching, totally engaging your emanating fields, not your body. These graceful hand movements facilitate greater connection that most people can feel, even with eyes closed.
Special Day Price $65 for 1 Hour session
Join Brian Gray in exploring the world of Dowsing
•Brian has experience with Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki®, Integrated Energy Therapy®, Crystal-Energy, Animal Communications, Angel Guidance & Healing, Mediumship, Rainbow-Energy-Healing, Intuitive & Vibrational Dowsing, Aqualead, Queldon, Unicorn Symbols, Emergentus, Dyanstir and Chromalive® Colour Therapy.
• Brian has facilitated many energy-based workshops in several locations in the vicinity and participated as a practitioner at several health expos.
• From the dawn of time, mankind has sought answers to the unknown, the intangible and the invisible.
• In this quest, a variety of instruments and techniques including dowsing rods and pendulums have been developed.
• The use of dowsing tools is officially considered to be a science, known as Radiesthesia.
• This interactive, experiential workshop allows you to investigate the highly intelligent energies that surround you and how they interact with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intentions.
• Workshop topics and activities will include:
• choosing & caring for a personal basic pendulum
• preparation and protocol for pendulum dowsing
• do’s & don’ts and dowsing difficulties
• intuitive & vibrational dowsing techniques
• working with pendulums to read charts
• healing holes in your aura
• improving the quality of your drinking water
• If you do not have your own pendulum one will be loaned to you to interact with during this workshop.
Investment: $35 Cash

FEBRUARY 12th, 2019


This workshop invites us to look deeper into who we are, beyond body & mind.

This experiential 3 hour workshop covers;

~What are the various perspectives of LOVE

~Can we truly LOVE ourselves? Or is it selfish?

~Is LOVE the driving force of this universe?


Through meditation, eye gazing and blind folded energy exercises,

we explore our own connection to LOVE.

Investment: $45 (there is a 6 person minimum)



Please Join Debra Harding

Once a month on a Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m

For our Monthly Sunday Reiki Share

A Reiki share is a gathering of people that have completed at least Reiki level one.
The purpose of the group is to practice techniques and build confidence. A Reiki share is also a wonderful opportunity to connect to a Reiki community.
We always begin with a guided meditation before we start the Reiki share, which also provides an opportunity to ask questions or share insights.

Investment: $20 Cash