I would like to introduce myself. I am Rev. Lady Leslie Cabot Armstrong HPs. I have been trained in the practice of witchcraft. Over the past 25 plus years I have worked very hard in my studies. Earning the titles. Reverend, High Priestess, Lady and Elder. I am an active member in The Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple of Salem, Mass. I have was initiated in 2011 by Rev. Laurie Cabot HPs the official witch of Salem, Mass. My husband and I run an active coven and hold Sabbat’s and Esbat’s throughout the wheel of the year. Before becoming a Cabot witch I had studied with many teachers gaining knowledge and wisdom.

When being asked if I am Wiccan, my response is NO I am a Witch. In the past few years there has been so much interest in becoming a witch. It takes training and good mentors and many years to become skilled and dedicated to the craft. Not everything is in a book or on line. There are many paths to witchcraft, enlightenment and spirit. No one way is the only way. Cabot Witches respect the paths of others, including Witches that practice in different ways form our tradition. That Cabot tradition believes that witchcraft is a science as well as a religion and an art. As a science, it can be applied to harness and expand psychic potential. In addition to Craft basics and history, teachings includes parapsychology; physiology; astrology; geometric structure; sociology; anthropology; meditation; aura reading, balancing and healing; the use of crystals; and the psychic arts.

The Cabot Tradition traces the origins to the Celts and the Kent witches of England. We honor the Gods and Goddess and study the mythology from sacred texts. Working with both Gods and Goddesses maintaining the polarity and balance of the universal laws. Everyone is familiar to The WICCAN REDE, “An’ it harm none, do what you will,” is understood to be used in defending oneself against evil, (I prefer incorrect energy) energy or psychic attack. While other traditions hold that it is acceptable to boomerang psychic attack back to the sender. The Cabot Tradition considers this a violation towards others. Instead we as practitioners are taught to psychically create a neutralizing shield, which enables them to either transform the energy so that it can be used in a positive fashion or disintegrate it so that it harms no one, including the sender. Rules Cabot Witches Live by: The Law of Three: Everything that you do, say or think goes into the universe and manifests to one degree or another. This will come back to you three fold. For the good of all: Everything that we majickally project goes out into the universe. We always ask that our majickal projections be correct and for the good of all. In my workshops I welcome all that want to learn and gain knowledge. People who identify as Wiccan, eclectic or solitary. I will be offering many workshops at Mystic Tree as well as Tarot readings. I look forward to teaching all who want to learn.

Blessed Be Rev. Lady Leslie Cabot Armstrong HPs