Summon is a self admitted magically minded-metaphysics addict who has been studying mysticism, psychics, shamanism, root doctors and occult sciences for her entire life. She has tarot cards with her wherever she goes ( the grocery store, the dentist office, while traveling ) and never tires of reading for people or drumming up interesting conversations when the cards come out.

Summon has had some rather fierce wisdom teachers appear in her life and has traversed esoteric dimensions not known to most people.  She’s been professionally working as a psychic and tarot reader since the Beatles became a band and she whole heartedly believes that it is very important that people are able to discern truth from illusion and hear inner directives using their intuition as their guiding light. Her bliss is helping others discover, uncover and foster their own psychic-intuitive strengths.

Summon has several areas of specialty and she works psychically in a variety of ways, some of those are: obtaining visions, scrying with crystal balls, tarot, old world spirits and medical clairvoyance. To learn more about her expertise and psychic communities, please visit her company, MetafizzAura at  MetafizzAura.com

MetafizzAura is a metaphysically based company with a mystical edge offering trending services both off-line and online. Its primary focus is to expertly lead and guide individuals in their deeper metaphysical, mystical and mindfulness pursuits. MetafizzAura offers diverse services, events and education for individuals, professionals and businesses with a “body- mind-spirit” focus, while proudly promoting a non-judgmental, metaphysical culture and community.

Is a psychic reading right for you?

Here are just a few reasons when a psychic-tarot reading can be especially beneficial : 

  • You are feeling curious and would enjoy discovering ‘what shows up’ in your reading
  • You’ve hit a blindspot in your life
  • You’re spiritually seeking
  • You need answers / directives within a specific area of your personal life or business
  • It feels like its time to connect with mysteries and otherworldly energies
  • You could use another set of eyes on your life utilizing higher consciousness perspectives and insights 
  • You’d like some metaphysically based wellness support for body-mind-spirit
  • You feel caught in the same loops, puzzles and patterns in your life
  • You are seeking relationship insights
  • You’d like to more fully connect with loved ones / ancestors / who have crossed over
  • You can use some understanding and support because you are psychically sensitive and logic no longer plays a role in the experiences you are having

MetafizzAura offers you several decades of dedicated metaphysical research in psychic work, energy healing and wisdom traditions. We take the perceived threat out of psychic practices and show by example that this innate intelligence resides within everyone and is a self empowered birthright. What defines us as unique? We understand the pathways and conviction necessary to identify and actualize psychic intuitive knowledge from a lay persons starting point. Mistakes mislead, but when we are in alignment with our higher intelligence, our potential within leads us into life affirming choices. Through education, interactive workshops and private practice consulting we invite you to journeywork with us.