Hello and welcome to my page. Please take a breath, allow yourself to drop into a receptive mood and unwind for a moment while you’re visiting. I’m glad you’ve stopped by !
I’m Sue Sadowski, your professional course facilitator and psychic reader. I am intensely passionate about all things magical, mystical and metaphysical. Chances are you are too if you are reading this. I firmly believe real magic and alchemy lies within each of us and can help us grow into our most empowered selves. All training I offer is shared in the spirit of positivity, exploration and joy. I use my expertise to support those who are spiritually seeking and wish a greater understanding around their connection to their spirit and the unseen.
Although everyone has intuition and psychic sensibility, life experience as a
deeply “psychically wired” person has taught me there’s been very little
acknowledgment in our society for individuals who strongly live within this
kind of sensitive wiring. Thankfully this is changing and the world is waking up. But this is taking time and it’s also led me to pursue helping other
professionals who work with sensitive clients of this nature.
In the current climate, “intuition”, “mindfulness” and “body, mind, spirit” all have new meaning in 2020. AI, apps that read auras, rapid internet and
many other biofeedback developments are literally changing how we are
using our psychic centered intelligence whether we want it to or not. People
keep going deeper within, discovering worlds which logic may not be a part
of and support is key during this expansion.
The beautiful The Mystic Tree community room and / or classes online,
offer a great opportunity to come together in a non-judgemental and
comfortable space where you are invited to explore your future and further!

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