Hail and welcome!

Looking back I can say that my current path started as early as high school, as I began studying on my own and diving into authors such as Silver Ravenwolf, Scott Cunningham, and Christopher Penczak.

I began incorporating Reiki into my journey in my early 20s with my first and second attunements given to me by my mother, who is herself a Reiki Master. I also returned to this training to receive my Master attunement for my 30th birthday. I enhanced this training by additionally learning the Energy Awaken modality.

I have studied Runes and Galdr as well as being mentored by the Glima Master & author Lars Magnar Enoksen from Sweden on these topics, and even presented on the Living Tradition of Galdr in 2021’s Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival (PPD).

I have additionally studied contemporary shamanism over a year-long apprenticeship, then continuing on to aid in guiding others along their journey.

I learned the art and science of witchcraft under Laurie Cabot of the Cabot Tradition attaining the title of Cabot Priest upon completion of my second degree within the Tradition. I have also completed the Psychic Tarot course, which was also taught by Laurie Cabot.

I offer readings, energy work, as well as mentoring in Living Nordic Tradition.