Hi there, I’m Sarah Bevan a Druid Seer. I’m often asked about my journey and how I became a
professional psychic, divination and intuitive empowerment coach. It’s not always easy to put
into words the transformation that takes place in one’s life to bring them to where they are
today. Simply put, I had faced a lot of adversity and rising through my spiritual growth to
become who I am today.

I noticed that from my earliest years that I was able to see spirit. It started when my great grandmother had passed and I watched as her body was being lowered into the ground with my family surrounding her and yet I could see her plain as day. Confused I was yelling out loud for them to stop lowering her into the ground because she wasn’t dead. I pleaded to my great grandmother to please just get back into her body so we could go home. She looked at me and smiled peacefully and shared that everything was going to be fine and that she’s not going anywhere. She never left me and I adore her. As I grew into a young lady and became an adolescent, I realized not only was I able to feel the energy of plants but also was able to communicate with animals. I was able to use all of my Claires with ease and fluidity. Towns people would discreetly request time to speak with me as I was able to connect them to the answers they were seeking. They were afraid of the same kind of harm that was sent towards me would greet them if others found out that they had come to sit and speak with me. Anything to do with spiritual practices
outside of the local religious practice was forbidden.

The series of events of spiritual experience in my life has been a miraculous journey. I’ve lived a life that has overcome societal illusions to bring others healing and spiritual guidance at the most pivotal point in their life. It continues to be a meaningful and enlightening experience for me and for others.
Over the years word has gotten out and I’ve had the pleasure of assisting in paranormal and physical investigation throughout Ontario along with providing spiritual guidance, divination and intuitive empowerment. I am truly grateful for those that have trusted their intuition and have been guided to me to help organize and peer into their inner world, and to meet with their guides and angels. I have met so many supportive and loving family members of the clients that I’ve worked with. It’s truly a gift to bear witness, connect and hold space for loved ones and guides to reunite. It’s a honor to hold space and empower someone to awaken their own intuition and evoke the traditions of divination.

My goal is to reach others that are in need of spiritual guidance and share with them how they
too can embrace their intuitive gifts and overcome their fears! To remind them that there is light
in the darkness and that intuitive abilities are as natural as breathing.