Meet Sue Sadowski

Meet Sue Sadowski

Hello and welcome to my page. Please take a breath, allow yourself to drop into a receptive mood and unwind for a moment while you’re visiting. I’m glad you’ve stopped by !
I’m Sue Sadowski, your professional course facilitator and psychic reader. I am intensely passionate about all things magical, mystical and metaphysical. Chances are you are too if you are reading this. I firmly believe real magic and alchemy lies within each of us and can help us grow into our most empowered selves. All training I offer is shared in the spirit of positivity, exploration and joy. I use my expertise to support those who are spiritually seeking and wish a greater understanding around their connection to their spirit and the unseen.
Although everyone has intuition and psychic sensibility, life experience as a
deeply “psychically wired” person has taught me there’s been very little
acknowledgment in our society for individuals who strongly live within this
kind of sensitive wiring. Thankfully this is changing and the world is waking up. But this is taking time and it’s also led me to pursue helping other
professionals who work with sensitive clients of this nature.
In the current climate, “intuition”, “mindfulness” and “body, mind, spirit” all have new meaning in 2020. AI, apps that read auras, rapid internet and
many other biofeedback developments are literally changing how we are
using our psychic centered intelligence whether we want it to or not. People
keep going deeper within, discovering worlds which logic may not be a part
of and support is key during this expansion.
The beautiful The Mystic Tree community room and / or classes online,
offer a great opportunity to come together in a non-judgemental and
comfortable space where you are invited to explore your future and further!

Handbook of Angels Lore (enchantments & magical training)
Psychic Readings – General or Heath / Wellness
Clinical Hypnotherapy ( Hypnosis Sessions)
Tarot Card Readings, Shell Readings, Stone Readings
Online / Offline Psychic related courses, Training and Events

The Mystic Tree Practitioner/Readers           Are Here for You

The Mystic Tree Practitioner/Readers Are Here for You

All the Mystic Tree Practitioners and Readers are here for you during these trying times and are available either by phone or video. Please see the list of practitioners below and their contact information to book appointments.


Andrew Bray – Soul Coaching Empowerment Readings $50/Half Hour Contact: 905-533-0301

Reverend Barbara Kawa – Spiritual Life Integration Readings $50/Half Hour Contact: 416-705-5292

Sue Sadowski – Metaphysical Medicine Readings $50/Half Hour Contact: 905-537-7703

Lady Leslie Cabot Armstrong HPs – Tarot Readings $50/Half Hour Contact: 905-730-4650

Roberta Bernat – Tarot, Oracle and Soul Path – A comprehensive overview of the main issues in your life $65 Contact: 905-646-3435

Alahnnaa Campbell – Soul Contract, Human Design, and Business Alignment Readings$130/hr – sliding scale available upon request  YourLifePlan.ca/book-online

Stan Dynak – Astrology Readings $100/hr – Sliding Scale upon request Contact: 905-339-4632


Andrew Bray – Energy Awaken Sessions $65/hour – Flexibility Upon Discussion Contact: 905-533-0301

Jill Wanzel – Emotion Code Sessions $90/hour – Flexibility Upon Discussion Mystic Tree New Client May Special $70/hour Contact: 289-259-0973

Alahnnaa Campbell – Divine Healing, Harmonizing Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Relationship Health$130/hr – sliding scale available upon request  YourLifePlan.ca/book-online

You Have A Life Plan

You Have A Life Plan

Alahnnaa Campbell, of You Have A Life Plan (https://www.yourlifeplan.ca/), is incredibly gifted at seeing people’s potential, and guiding them, using their unique psychology, to a life of fulfillment.

You don’t have to run a business, or be an entrepreneur, to benefit from this workshop series.

We are all trying to share our truth with others, and could benefit from being more effective with our message, drawing the right people and opportunities into our lives, so that we are recognized, valued, and find the peace, satisfaction, success, and delight in life, that we may seek.

Here is her offer:

  • 4 weeks
  • 3 group sessions
  • 2 personal 1hr one-on-one sessions, and
  • 1hr of her time dedicated to each individual, to prepare or send additional information

First Group Session:

  • learn how to draw a map to represent who you are and what you offer
  • share this with the group
  • collect your Human Design, Soul Contract, Gene Keys, and Natal Astrology charts
  • discover important pieces of information from each of these charts to support your alignment
  • discover where to find additional information, about yourself or your charts, and collect whatever information you think will support you in your self-discovery

First 2wk break:

  • continue to work on discovering who you are and have your first one-on-one session with Alahnnaa
  • most people will use this one-on-one time to receive a reading of their birth Soul Contract (life purpose, why did I have this experience etc).
  • some people may choose to use this one-on-one time to look at the Soul Contract (attractor) energies of their business name, and potentially optimize their business name, tagline, etc.
  • Alahnnaa is open to using this time in whatever way feels most supportive, and she can guide you in your decision making as well, not to worry

Second Group Session:

  • share what you have learned, and the questions you have
  • learn from others what they found useful (or not), to aid in your journey
  • collect whatever additional pieces of information you think could benefit your self discovery
  • receive a group experience of Divine Healing and an individual experience of Colour Light Therapy (to help clear blockages and access additional guidance from your higher self and healing team)

Second 2wk break:

  • continue your self-discovery, revisit whatever you feel is needed, based on what you learned in the group session and have your second one-on-one session with Alahnnaa
  • most people will use this second one-on-one session for a personalized Divine Healing and/or Colour Light Therapy session
  • Alahnnaa is open to whatever you feel is most supportive for your session at this time

Third Group Session:

  • redo your map of who you think you are and what you have to offer
  • present this to the group
  • ask for the kind of support you are looking for, in order to move forward
  • see how you can continue to support one another, if applicable

And you’re done. Aligned. Wiser about yourself. Ready to take on the world. Sharing your unique gifts, with more Confidence, Satisfaction, Success, and Fulfillment.

Group work AND one-on-one work is a powerful combination, for you to really discover who you are, get your unique, specific questions answered, and radiate who you are to the group, gaining their confirmation, and possibly their connection, to spread your gift of service even further.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in discovering who they are, is to keep this to themselves, when the true gift is sharing your gift with others, so that it can grow!

Email alahnnaa18@yourlifeplan.ca to secure your spot, or to ask any questions.

The date and times for this workshop will be set once we have enough people signed up.

Love and Bless, Strong Community, Strong Light!