The Mystic Tree Practitioners / Readers Are Here for You

The Mystic Tree Practitioners / Readers Are Here for You

All the Mystic Tree Practitioners and Readers are here for you during these trying times and are available either by phone or video. Please see the list of practitioners below and their contact information to book appointments.


Andrew Bray – Soul Coaching Empowerment Readings $50/Half Hour Contact: 905-533-0301

Reverend Barbara Kawa – Spiritual Life Integration Readings $65/Half Hour Contact: 416-705-5292

Sue Sadowski – Metaphysical Medicine Readings $65/Half Hour Contact: 905-537-7703

Roberta Bernat – Tarot, Oracle and Soul Path – A comprehensive overview of the main issues in your life $65/Half Hour Contact: 905-646-3435

Alahnnaa Campbell – Soul Contract, Human Design, and Business Alignment Readings$130/hr – sliding scale available upon request  YourLifePlan.ca/book-online


Andrew Bray – Energy Awaken Sessions $77/hour – Flexibility Upon Discussion Contact: 905-533-0301

Jill Wanzel – Emotion Code Sessions $90/hour – Flexibility Upon Discussion Contact: 289-259-0973

Alahnnaa Campbell – Divine Healing, Harmonizing Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Relationship Health$130/hr – sliding scale available upon request  YourLifePlan.ca/book-online

Meet Kimberlee Burchat

Meet Kimberlee Burchat

Hello, my name is Kimberlee. Ever since I was a young child, I was drawn to the spiritual side of life. Once I learned there was more to “just our sun sign” I knew I needed to learn more about astrology. I began receiving different natal readings and found I was specifically drawn to traditional astrology, the accuracy it offered was astounding.

I am currently close to completing my diploma at Kepler College, a world renowned Astrology college. I practice traditional astrology with a blend of modern psychological astrology.

I utilize traditional planetary rulers while still including the outer planets and I use whole sign houses. Along with working on my professional diploma in Astrology, I am a 2nd Degree Cabot Priestess and have completed Laurie Cabot’s Psychic Tarot course.

Astrology Consultations with Kimberlee

Astrology provides us with the tools to better understand ourselves and the world around us.  When we look at your natal chart, which is where the planets were in the sky at the time and location of your birth, we discover that it is like a map of your life, offering guidance and direction.  Through Astrology we can better understand our talents and gifts as well as our challenges.  To know your natal chart is to know yourself. 

Kimberlee practices (tropical) traditional astrology with a blend of modern psychological astrology.  She uses whole sign houses, traditional planetary rulers, but still includes the outer planets and uses Ptolemaic aspects. 

Currently, she offers two astrological services.

  • Natal Chart consultations: This consultation dives deep into who you are.  She looks at your sect light and other luminary (Sun and Moon), along with your ascendant sign and very important ascendant ruler, as well as your other planets.  The goal of this consultation is to help you better understand yourself, your circumstances and how you interact with the world around you. 
  • Year Ahead consultations: This consultation focuses on what the astrological weather is like for the year ahead and how it will affect you and your natal chart. Techniques such as Solar Returns, Profections and Transits when paired together offer much insight.

Kimberlee also offers techniques such as: Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Progressed moon phases and more.  Other astrological techniques are available upon request as well.

Meet Dustin King

Meet Dustin King

Hail and welcome!

Looking back I can say that my current path started as early as high school, as I began studying on my own and diving into authors such as Silver Ravenwolf, Scott Cunningham, and Christopher Penczak.

I began incorporating Reiki into my journey in my early 20s with my first and second attunements given to me by my mother, who is herself a Reiki Master. I also returned to this training to receive my Master attunement for my 30th birthday. I enhanced this training by additionally learning the Energy Awaken modality.

I have studied Runes and Galdr as well as being mentored by the Glima Master & author Lars Magnar Enoksen from Sweden on these topics, and even presented on the Living Tradition of Galdr in 2021’s Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival (PPD).

I have additionally studied contemporary shamanism over a year-long apprenticeship, then continuing on to aid in guiding others along their journey.

I learned the art and science of witchcraft under Laurie Cabot of the Cabot Tradition attaining the title of Cabot Priest upon completion of my second degree within the Tradition. I have also completed the Psychic Tarot course, which was also taught by Laurie Cabot.

I offer readings, energy work, as well as mentoring in Living Nordic Tradition.

Meet Sue Sadowski

Meet Sue Sadowski

“☀ Tis’ by the sun that life be won,
and by the moon that change be done ”

Hello, Bonjour, Welcome ~

Please take a rejuvenating breath and unwind for a moment while you’re visiting
my page. If you are as interested in all things magical, mystical and metaphysical
as I am, you’re definitely in the right place !

Everyone deserves to know some background on who they are connecting with
for a psychic reading or to support their spiritual interests and it’s my pleasure to
share information around how I can be of service to you or your organization.

I am a metaphysical educator, consultant and psychic reader who has been
working with the public within various platforms for 25+ years. Adult education,
alternative wellness, community programs, psychic events, private 1-2-1 as well as
collaborating with other businesses. My background is steeped in shamanism,
metaphysical and esoteric arts and helping people recognize, develop and put to
practical use, their deeper psychic / intuitive intelligence. I work closely within the
following esoteric areas:


On the topic of Psychic Readings, people sometimes ask me why I promote them
or believe they are worthwhile in the first place. It is because I believe no one is an
island unto themselves and we can all use a little whisper in our ear now
and again to help us along in life. I don’t believe a psychic reading should be solely
a fortune-telling experience or communicating with spirit worlds alone, but also
insightful, enlightening, edifying and educational. A reading is never about taking
power from a person, but more about shining a guiding light when our connection
to spirit feels broken or we are too distracted or emotional to see clearly through
events in our lives.

I offer educational services and psychic development because I firmly believe the
key to life’s success is for people to tap into their manifesting capabilities, the
inner alchemist, the magi, because those parts within us help us grow into our
most empowered, sane and whole selves. Truthfully, I can’t even imagine life
without acknowledging our wisest senses to help us navigate the world that we
live in today. A friend of mine recently shared this thought: ”Our connection to our
inner self has taken a new turn. It isn’t enough to question the mysteries of our
existence, our dream state or our intuitive voice. Now we must ask ” IS THIS TRUE”
to everything we see and read.”

For these reasons and more, the entrepreneurial spirit within me founded
“MetafizzAura”, an online / offline company with a mystical edge. Its primary focus
is to expertly lead and guide individuals in their deeper metaphysical, mystical
and “mindfulness” pursuits. MetafizzAura offers diverse services, events and
education while proudly promoting a non-judgemental metaphysical culture and
community. This creates space for collaborations of many kinds with like minded
individuals, businesses and media. You can learn more here:

All services I provide at The Mystic Tree are shared in the spirit of positivity,
exploration and joy and I sincerely look forward to meeting you soon.

Sue Leocha Sadowski

Meet Rev. Barbara Kawa

Meet Rev. Barbara Kawa

Rev. Barbara had been in many jobs over her life and came to a crossroads. There was much confusion, feeling stuck, not listening to her Spiritual Team.

She was number seven out of eight children, and a very strong empath to boot. A recipe for disaster and it manifested in many different ways. There seemed to be no way off of this merry go round, or roller coaster.

Rev. Barbara found her spiritual roots and has never looked back.

Modalities and Achievements

Rev. Barbara is a Metaphysical Minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, Spiritual Advisor, is the founder of Quantum Crystal Energetics® and is an Instructor/Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Instructor/Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy® and is a Master Coach. She certified in these areas: Magnified Healing® First Phase Master Teacher, Spiritual Mentorship, Angel Communication, Advanced Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner, Rainbow Energy Healing Practitioner, Past Life Healer, and a Reiki Master.
The Mindful Choices Centre for the Intuitive Arts is an American Board of Hypnotherapy approved Institute of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Rev. Barbara’s NLP lineage is directly descended from Richard Bandler and John Grinder (founders of NLP), Tad James, and trained and mentored by Dr. Kim Redman.
She loves to watch wedding shows on TV: Four Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress (New York and Atlanta). She has belonged to Toastmasters International for 2 years and received her Competent Communicator designation and Competent Leader designation. Rev. Barbara has also been trained for Stage Presence and Public Speaking.

Great Values

Rev. Barbara takes pride in how she handles each ceremony, each reading, each counseling session and each class, with honesty, integrity, reliability and fun! She is incredibly organized and flexible to be able to handle anything that comes up. Rev. Barbara is a consummate professional in all matters, keeping calm under pressure and keeping in mind the reason you are there, and responding to every situation with understanding. There is no judgement in how you live your life and she listens to what you want – and helps you achieve it. Rev. Barbara provides support as you go on your journey, no matter where you are on that journey.

Connected for You

Rev. Barbara is an expert channeller of Divine Guidance. She has been channelling since she was a young child and provides this service to all her clients, no matter what the service. Rev. Barbara makes sure that she is only connected to beings of Love and Light and Loving Intent to make sure you get the best information possible. She is continuously learning and has several mentors which means she is always bringing you the best she can and the most current information possible.

Rev. Barbara Kawa, Metaphysical Minister

There was a time when I lived most of my life in a state gravitating from loss, hurt, pain, anger, rage and numbness. This stemmed from being gifted – for it seemed to be a blessing and a curse at the same time. I wanted to go Home many times. I stuffed my emotions down to stop the pain, the pain of not knowing why I was like this, why I seemed different. I ignored the calling of my soul, for there was no way of knowing which way to go and what to do next. Being a teenager and adult in a cruel world, for it felt cruel because I feel so much and things, bad things, always happened to me. There were happy times – I stuffed those down too – for I felt unworthy, that I didn’t deserve it, that there was something wrong with me – the world around me confirmed it and I refused to love me, I refused to see anything about me that was worth loving. I had lost faith in myself and faith in God – I really wasn’t sure.

Because of that I kept going like this for a long time, going from job to job, feeling and stuffing my emotions down, longing to belong, knowing I was called to do more, to be more. Where to now? Why am I here? Who am I? So many layers on top. I had put them in there in hopes that I would forget. My mother had taught me a lot about gifts, alternative therapies and many other things and when she died it was like the rug had been pulled out from under me – I felt shattered – the light started coming through – my faith was coming back for I could feel her energy from time to time.

Because of that I searched for answers and found many souls to guide me. Mentors came forward to guide me, to remind me to accept that I was being prepared along the way for my mission. There was still much I needed to uncover, much I needed to remind myself of. It seemed like a slow process to me, although when I look back it was quite quick and profound. Each and every person taught me about me. A lot changed. Sometimes I was unwilling to go there, to feel, understand and know who I am and why I am here. My mentors took me out on a limb, to places I thought I couldn’t go, all the while supporting me. Helping me to uncover, layer by layer, my soul’s gift, my soul’s purpose. Reminding me of balance.

Until finally, I thanked God for all that has happened, being able to see all that I am and uncover the layers, providing me with so many people and pets to teach me, love me and support me along the way. My life has changed so much. Many layers have been released. I see now that it was about my choices, why, how and what I chose in my life, even no choice was a choice. I choose my gifts, I choose my life, I choose to be all I am meant to be. I choose my mission. I choose my humanness. I choose love. I feel like I am more aware and accepting of my path, of who I am and why I am here and am grateful for God and the Angels who continue to guide me and are seen in the people, mentors/coach, clients and animals along the way. I now know happier times, I am living my soul’s purpose, for I love to guide and support others in any way I can and to teach them the way I needed it all along. My vision of the future is living in the now, with hope, faith, love and courage. My family and friends play a big part in my life and I love them dearly. I know now how to “be”, how to live life here on earth sharing my gifts to help me help others to be all they are meant to be – with Divine Inspiration.

You Have A Life Plan

You Have A Life Plan

Alahnnaa Campbell, of You Have A Life Plan (https://www.yourlifeplan.ca/), is incredibly gifted at seeing people’s potential, and guiding them, using their unique psychology, to a life of fulfillment.

You don’t have to run a business, or be an entrepreneur, to benefit from this workshop series.

We are all trying to share our truth with others, and could benefit from being more effective with our message, drawing the right people and opportunities into our lives, so that we are recognized, valued, and find the peace, satisfaction, success, and delight in life, that we may seek.

Here is her offer:

  • 4 weeks
  • 3 group sessions
  • 2 personal 1hr one-on-one sessions, and
  • 1hr of her time dedicated to each individual, to prepare or send additional information

First Group Session:

  • learn how to draw a map to represent who you are and what you offer
  • share this with the group
  • collect your Human Design, Soul Contract, Gene Keys, and Natal Astrology charts
  • discover important pieces of information from each of these charts to support your alignment
  • discover where to find additional information, about yourself or your charts, and collect whatever information you think will support you in your self-discovery

First 2wk break:

  • continue to work on discovering who you are and have your first one-on-one session with Alahnnaa
  • most people will use this one-on-one time to receive a reading of their birth Soul Contract (life purpose, why did I have this experience etc).
  • some people may choose to use this one-on-one time to look at the Soul Contract (attractor) energies of their business name, and potentially optimize their business name, tagline, etc.
  • Alahnnaa is open to using this time in whatever way feels most supportive, and she can guide you in your decision making as well, not to worry

Second Group Session:

  • share what you have learned, and the questions you have
  • learn from others what they found useful (or not), to aid in your journey
  • collect whatever additional pieces of information you think could benefit your self discovery
  • receive a group experience of Divine Healing and an individual experience of Colour Light Therapy (to help clear blockages and access additional guidance from your higher self and healing team)

Second 2wk break:

  • continue your self-discovery, revisit whatever you feel is needed, based on what you learned in the group session and have your second one-on-one session with Alahnnaa
  • most people will use this second one-on-one session for a personalized Divine Healing and/or Colour Light Therapy session
  • Alahnnaa is open to whatever you feel is most supportive for your session at this time

Third Group Session:

  • redo your map of who you think you are and what you have to offer
  • present this to the group
  • ask for the kind of support you are looking for, in order to move forward
  • see how you can continue to support one another, if applicable

And you’re done. Aligned. Wiser about yourself. Ready to take on the world. Sharing your unique gifts, with more Confidence, Satisfaction, Success, and Fulfillment.

Group work AND one-on-one work is a powerful combination, for you to really discover who you are, get your unique, specific questions answered, and radiate who you are to the group, gaining their confirmation, and possibly their connection, to spread your gift of service even further.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in discovering who they are, is to keep this to themselves, when the true gift is sharing your gift with others, so that it can grow!

Email alahnnaa18@yourlifeplan.ca to secure your spot, or to ask any questions.

The date and times for this workshop will be set once we have enough people signed up.

Love and Bless, Strong Community, Strong Light!

Welcome to Our “NEW” Mystic Blog!

Welcome to Our “NEW” Mystic Blog!

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our “Mystic Blog” that will contain informative and valuable insights that will help guide you through your journey.

We will be welcoming our practitioners and professionals to contribute to this section with informative articles that will add great value.

Please be patient as we ramp this up, but check back often to join us and our guest bloggers in creating a great information chain.