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You Have A Life Plan Sessions with Alahnnaa Campbell

The Mystic Tree the mystic tree, Burlington

Multidimensional Health Psychologist Alahnnaa Campbell of You Have A Life Plan, uses many modalities, including Esogetic Medicine (colour light therapy), the Information Field (Healy), Human Design, Gene Keys, Soul Contract, Divine Healing, Elemental Magic, Astrology, RestoreChi, and more. To support people to understand and accept who they are. As well as how their body and life experiences are trying to communicate with them. So they can see what needs to be understood, to have an easier (and more fulfilling) time with life. She specializes in mental health, parenting, relationships, group dynamics, and stress-related illness. Including challenging conception, prenatal, or birth experiences, or any repeating symptom or stressor.

Investment: $130 cash per hour

Call the Shop at 905-630-6042 to book a time

To learn more about her work, visit YourLifePlan.ca and follow any of the social media links listed in the top menu of her homepage.