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Spiritual-Life Integration Reading with Rev. Barbara Kawa

The Mystic Tree the mystic tree, Burlington

In a Spiritual-Life Integration reading Rev. Barb connects to your Spiritual Team of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, sometimes deceased loved ones and pets, and any beings of Love and Light and Loving Intent that want to be there for you.

Bring your questions: it can be about partner, career, things that have happened that are unexplainable, basically any question you may have. You can bring pictures on your phone of people you may want to ask about or an object that they may have worn. Rev. Barb can connect to deceased loved ones, however she is not a medium.

You will receive answers to your questions that involve a solution. Rev. Barb doesn’t use cards, she direct channels and this means she needs to be able to have you direct the session with questions or a quick explanation of the situation if appropriate.

Investment $65 for 30 Minutes